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You were living a peaceful life in the modern world when suddenly you die and get reincarnated into a world of swords and magic as a goblin. Which isn't actually the best race. But there is a tweak, you can evolve, become stronger. Defeat powerful opponents and make them join your party. Evolve and reach the pinnacle of your race. And once your party is strong enough, start to conquer the seven mazes to obtain the title every monster crave for: Monster Emperor.

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Hero 1


mythical creatures renowned for their fiery breath, feared by knights but secretly just wanting to be the center of a heated board game night.

Weird yet sexy monster girls

a quirky blend of fierce and alluring, turning heads and sparking imaginations with their tentacles, horns, and occasional scales.

Hero 1
Hero 1

Dangerously appealing demons

the ultimate bad boys of the supernatural world, with smoldering looks that could tempt an angel into taking a walk on the dark side.

The strongest humans in existence

they can slice through dimensions with their twin swords and their only known weakness is a stiff neck from wearing heavy helmets all day.

Hero 1

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